August 7, 2015

Feature Presentation: Ferguson, one year later (and what have we learned, if anything?)

Technically, it's not a feature (it only clocks at 3'07"). But if you see nothing else this week, take a good look at this short from AJ+, in which Professor john a. powell (his preference in writing his name) spells out the American climate after the violence in Ferguson, Missouri last year.

And what he has to say goes way beyond anything black and white.

Go watch it now.

©2015 AJ+.

August 6, 2015

Breaking the silence at last

Enough of neglecting my still–quite–useful blog — and you, my valued readers.

Diane Wolkstein at Central Park (altered by the blogger)
©2014 Rosegarden Media & Entertainment.

I am raising the funds necessary to record the voices and memories so crucial to a new radiophonic–style MP3 documentary, which will be called Diane Wolkstein Remembered.

The idea is simple: To record the memories of those people — storytellers, illustrators, musicians, and even just close friends and story lovers — who were a major part of Diana's seventy–year life and her forty–five–year storytelling career.

Already we have breached the 12% funded level (USD $70), but as you will see, we can (and should) do better.

Of course, those of you who've been to New York know first–hand how expensive even a day's trip can be (round–trip railroad fare, subway and bus fares, food, etc.). Add in the cost of lithium or rechargeable batteries and SDHC memory cards (both required by my Olympus digital recorder), and… yes, you get the idea.

Plus… this documentary will be the work of a part–time supermarket employee (with part–time wages and part–time benefits to match). Plus… that person (moi) has some upcoming expenses that cannot wait.

This actually modest Indiegogo Life campaign is meant to raise the funds necessary to make four special trips to record Diana's friends and colleagues. The first trip will happen on Saturday 12 September 2015, the same day as a memorial story hour at the Statue of Hans Christian Andersen (the actual recording will happen before and after the story hour). By the way, there are no special premiums for certain pledge levels, because in the end, everyone will win. The finished documentary will be yours to download for free.

Your support now will be richly rewarded. And I thank you.

UPDATE: The campaign only raised USD $63.00. At least we tried.