September 27, 2013

Special Presentation: Little Mouse's Painting

Summer is gone, but don't expect me to hibernate. Much.

I'm getting ready to completely overhaul Just One Story… Specifically, the name of the show will be changed, there will be a new opening title sequence, and I want to get a proper signature tune for it all (ha!).

All of that will be going on during the Fall and Winter months, and it will affect all episodes in the series.

In the meantime, here is a Special Presentation from Rosegarden Television (accessible on both Vimeo and YouTube): Rachel Zucker remembering her mother, Diane Wolkstein, with a telling of the 1992 story Little Mouse’s Painting. This is not the final cut of the video (B–roll hasn’t been inserted; this is just what one long take looks like).

But it's Diane Wolkstein remembered by her daughter, and that's what matters, so please enjoy:

Little Mouse’s Painting ©1992 Diane Wolkstein.

Video ©2013 Rachel Zucker / Rosegarden Media and Entertainment.

And yes, there is no music during the opening and closing titles. It just didn't seem right to use any.

There is one more Special Presentation I want to post this year, sometime in early November. Stay tuned.