July 31, 2013

Just One Story…: And now, MOTOKO.

It is so good to bring Just One Story… back after a long silence. Our first episodes of 2013 since the death of Diane Wolkstein back in January, and our first episodes to showcase Asian — in this case, Japanese — storytelling. So this finally fulfills a long–held wish of mine ever since the series began in 2009 and following the launch of Rosegarden Television two years later.

So, and without further adieu, please welcome… Motoko.

What more can be said, except maybe… share, enjoy, and please support the teller.


Videos ©2013 Motoko Dworkin / Rosegarden Media and Entertainment.

Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial No Derivative Works license

July 25, 2013

Coming Attractions: Local Kung Fu. Just because.

Yes, I know, this is a PVR Cinemas "Director's Rare" selection, which means it will be seen only on PVR–run screens in India (read: we wait for a DVD). Still, something this low–budget seems so refreshing after what's gotten dumped in North American multiplexes this summer, I couldn't help but share.

Besides, the trailer is subtitled, so what could I lose? For your amusement, a taste of the upcoming… Local Kung Fu:

©2013 Kenny DB Films.

I'm a patient man. I'll wait for the disc.

July 24, 2013

Message for the United States Broadcasting Industry

Courtesy The Other 98% on Facebook.

You know who you are, ladies and mostly gentlemen.

It's either heed the above, or lose the rest of us forever to RT. Your choice.