March 19, 2012

Music Time: Possimiste

One more music video for your Monday (it's rare for me to share two), because it was released today along with the song.

Behold "Clockworkbird" by the faerie who signs her work as Possimiste:

©2012 Possimiste.

Spread your wings and fly!

Music Time: Luthea Salom

Yes, Mondays are no fun. So let's try to make this easier to deal with. Maybe this official video for Luthea Salom's song "Be Me" will do the trick:

©2012 Luthea Salom.

There. Feeling better?

One, my darling, come get upscaled

“One, My Darling, Come to Mama” from The Magic Orange Tree and Other Haitian Folktales (Random House–Schocken Books, New York, 1978, reprinted 1997).
©1978, 1997 Diane Wolkstein. Used with permission.
Video ©2010–2012 Diane Wolkstein / Cloudstone /Philip David Morgan / Rosegarden Media and Entertainment.

Here it is: the last Just One Story… episode to get upscaled to 720p HD.

For those new to this one: Diane Wolkstein is seen here with a poignant story from her collection The Magic Orange Tree and Other Haitian Folktales (1978). The most amazing thing about this story is the fourth — and intentionally forgotten — daughter’s capacity to forgive her mother for the injustice done to her as a child.

But why say more? Just enjoy.

March 10, 2012

Spring–ing ahead

A lot is happening at Rosegarden House in the next few weeks, and this is a brief time out to get it all out in the open.

First, the Dianne R. Carr episode of Just One Story… — "Dragon Days and Rabbit Ways," recorded in May of 2010 — is back now at 720p HD. Just make yourself comfortable first before pressing play.

"Dragon Days and Rabbit Ways" ©1990 Dianne R. Carr.
Video ©2010–2012 Dianne R. Carr / Philip David Morgan —
Rosegarden Media & Entertainment.

And now for the rest of the news…

The Just One Story… will be put on pause after Wednesday 14 March, because of the anticipated invasion of one nephew and two nieces from Southern California (Antelope Valley, to be exact) for ten days of sight–seeing and getting quality time with my Mum and Dad. Chances are quite good they will be sleeping downstairs in the basement, thus blocking almost all access to the iMac used for post–production of all Rosegarden Television content. That means that any new videos or remastering of old ones will have to wait, in part, until after the kids head back out West.)

And then comes April… on which the wraps will stay for a while longer.

But trust me: We will be back soon afterward.

A happy Spring 2012 to everyone.