February 17, 2012

Just One Story... A Taoist Tale

Yes… Just One Story… is slowly coming back to life. In higher definition (720p). And ready for Internet TV.

If your Internet TV or VOD device can pull in Vimeo content, you're good to go.

So here is a refreshing of our very first episode, made in November 2009:

©2009–2012 Diane Wolkstein et.al./Rosegarden Media and Entertainment.
Creative Commons License

To refresh your memory, this episode featured the celebrated Diane Wolkstein, recorded in live performance at New York's Orchard House Café, telling a Taoist tale from Lieh Tzu (The Huainanzi) that begins with the simple act of a farmer's horse riding off. All the farmer can wonder aloud is "Who knows what the future will bring?"

There. Your memory has now been refreshed. Now it's time to refresh your ears and heart for a world of story. Enjoy.