December 31, 2011

Music Time: Robin's Egg Blue

Our gift to you for 2012… two sweet songs from Atsumi Ishibashi and her band, Robin's Egg Blue:

©2011–2012 Atsumi Ishibashi / Masashi Ishiura / Robin's Egg Blue /
Rosegarden Media & Entertainment.

Please remember to support the band by purchasing their Songbird mini–album. Atsumi and Masashi will thank you from their hearts. And so do we.

あけましておめでとございます!! Happy New Year!

December 30, 2011

Finally, music for Mr. Dickens

Many apologies for the delay (created by a crazy–inducing combination of the holidays and an industrial–strength head cold that refused to leave until a few days ago), but now while we are still in the midst of the Twelve Days of Christmas, here at last are the best of the 2011 Dickens Festival Sessions from Port Jefferson (Long Island, New York, weekend of 2nd and 3rd December).

First up are Cecila Kirtland and Robin Greenstein with a pair of evergreen German Christmas carols (and a little trivia on how the English and the Yanks got the Yule tree habit):

Next are the Unicorn Singers of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Stony Brook with two well–known carols in English (and a little history behind one of them):

Both videograms ©2011 Rosegarden Media & Entertainment.

And, yes, we are asking you to support the artistes we feature by buying their albums (none for the Unicorn Singers yet, but I am certain the Fellowship will welcome your PayPal donation).

Finally, due to frustrations with YouTube, it looks like we will be a Vimeo exclusive for quite a while. This is not what I had wanted, and I apologize to those whose Internet TV (IPTV) sets or devices cannot access material on Vimeo just yet. Please contact your IPTV device provider or the manufacturer of your Internet ready TV or other device and ask that they produce a firmware update that will support Vimeo.

December 7, 2011

Mr. Dickens goes into post

Image ©2011 Cecilia Kirtland/Robin Greenstein — Rosegarden Television.

This has already been posted on our Tumblr page — I have to admit that publishing on Tumblr can be so addictive that you forget about your other blog, as I did — but regular readers of this blog deserve to be treated fairly, so…

Many thanks and blessings to Cecilia Kirtland and Robin Greenstein (pictured above) for letting us capture as much as we could of their Songs of the Season performance for the opening night of the 2012 Charles Dickens Festival in Port Jefferson (Long Island), New York.

Here’s a still frame of them giving the audience a Yule (Jul) song from… Sweden.

We also recorded a performance by the Unicorn Singers (of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Stony Brook), and we will post what we legally can the week of 11 through 17 December.

There may be much more, however — and very soon. Watch this space (and our Tumblr space, too).