November 7, 2011

Feature Presentation: Black Pamphlets

Welcome to November, and — in honor of Election Day in the States (tomorrow, 8 November), we offer you Nitin K.'s documerntary Black Pamphlets.

This film is also available in India on DVD fromn Under Construction. Here is the description of the documentary on Flipkart's website (they apparently only ship to India):

In the sylvan, chirpy campus of Delhi University, eighty thousand students directly elect their union representative. Following the twelve–day election campaign, [Black Pamphlets] becomes both an [exposé] of the money and muscle behind student elections, and a portrait of a generation of global consumers as they engage with the idea of politics. The film asks important questions about Indian democracy: how do the future citizens of a neo–liberal democracy feel about elections? Are they idealistic, cynical, indifferent? Are the political heroes of the Indian freedom struggle, who were the same age as the students of today, meaningful to them, or are they simply fictional characters in Bollywood narratives[?]. Or, if there is any space left for ideas that do not conform, that ask for change in the [world's] largest democracy.

This feature is split in six parts for YouTube, and I've gathered them up here so you can watch each one in turn, in the correct sequence:

©2007 Nitin K., courtesy of the Magic Lantern Foundation.

And to my friends in the States who go to the polls tomorrow: Please. Vote. With. Your. HEAD.