October 9, 2011

House Lights: "Once upon a time," reloading [reloaded 2011-10-09]

This is a reposting of the message currently on the Promenade Digital [Mediaworks] website (link at right).

Dear Friends:

This summer started on a difficult note for Promenade, as I was forced to miss the start of Central Park‘s annual story season. That said, I did make up for lost time by recording Diane Wolkstein (our biggest and most kindhearted supporter) telling both Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales and Hasidic stories. I also added a new teller to the Just One Story… roster — Rafe Martin — as he told Jakarta tales.

All that is something special, and I hope it will all be worth the wait. And that alone deserves an explanation.

First, I will be going back to the beginning of Just One Story… and start remastering each episode for the best possible picture quality (at as high a resolution as can be done).

Second, the remastered episodes will get upgraded packaging (specifically improved opening and closing titles) and then be mirrored on both YouTube and Vimeo, in new channels created for each.

Third, my net–studio is getting a re–branding. And it will actually be the first thing that happens — because some recent Google use has revealed that, not only has the name Promenade been spoken for (by, among others, a Christian family–centric company), but so has my Esperanto signature, Konstelacio.

So why “reload” everything? In two words: Internet TV.

Quite simply, Internet–delivered television programming has taken off in a very big way — starting with ethnic audiences (KyLin, Jadoo, NEPALiPTV) and conservatively–religious viewers (Sky Angel) and now moving on a more mainstream level (Apple TV, Roku, and Boxee, not to mention a growing number of widescreen televisions and disc players with Internet capabilities). And for many people, it is simply replacing cable and satellite TV because of what it can deliver for the money.

And your Projectionist is now an Internet TV adopter — of Mela. (One a filmi fan, always…)

All of this forced me to re–evaluate my own show (and in turn, my net–studio), and it became clear to me that, while I do have a foot in the door, the show is still not quite as ready for prime time as it should be. I’m not sure how much can be done about the video quality for the first four episodes (recorded with standard definition camcorders, you will remember), but the content is still valuable.

I want to ensure that it looks as good as possible — not just on 13–inch computer monitors, but on the newest of widescreen TVs as well.

As for the re–branding: It is actually going to be a welcome thing for me, because I have always had issues with naming something after yourself — it has always struck me as exceedingly vain. Thankfully, I think you will like the new name, as it will also better reflect what I now know my net–studio should be doing: cultivating a cultural garden worthy of your attention.

For financial reasons, the re–branded studio will probably not have its own domain name (at least not for a while), and will probably have its home page hosted on Google Sites or tumblr. I will make a decision soon, and it will be announced here.

I promise the reloaded net–studio and all that grows within will be a true garden of delights.

Many thanks for staying tuned to us.

UPDATE 2011.11.08: The re–branding has begun.

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