September 7, 2011

In Memoriam: Shafeeque Ahmed

Very sad news today, courtesy of Dear Cinema:

Shafeeque Ahmed, who played Malegaon Ka Superman in the film by the same name passed away Wednesday morning.

Due to his ill health, a special screening of his film which is due for release was organized in Malegaon on Tuesday. The screening was attended by Anurag Kashyap and Sunil Bora, the producers of the film.

The original film, which was made on consumer–grade camcorders, is excerpted in Faiza Ahmad Khan's documentary Supermen of Malegaon, available on DVD (all region, NTSC) via FilmKaravan. I had hoped to see it in all its lower–than–low budget glory, as Mr. Nasir and I seem to have a few things in common.

Right now, however, my thoughts belong first and foremost with his surviving family and the entire town of Malegaon. May all who live there be able to carry on after the loss of one of their own.

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