May 18, 2011

Coming Attractions: The Tunnel

Well, if this won't sink Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer's pirate ship franchise, I'm not sure what will. It is a new horror film called The Tunnel, and its Aussie production company, Distracted Media, went one better than the House of Mouse…

They took it directly to VODO.

Read on if we got your attention:

In 2007 the New South Wales government suddenly scrapped a plan to utilise the water in the disused underground train tunnels beneath Sydney. In 2008, chasing rumours of a government cover-up and urban legends surrounding the sudden backflip, investigative journalist Natasha Warner [Bel Deliá] led a crew of four into the underground labyrinth. They went down into the tunnels looking for a story — until the story found them.

Here comes the trailer, mates:

Courtesy Distracted Media.
©2011 The Tunnel Project Pty. Ltd.

You know what to do, horror buffs. And a few extra greenbacks/Euros into their PayPal account probably wouldn't hurt.

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