April 22, 2011

House Lights: Pushed back — way back

Ah, the best–laid plans of mice and men. Except that the cat scored first.

In a nutshell: The Ram Gopal Varma movie review project is on indefinite hold — in part because of my work schedule and in part because not all of his films are properly accessible. The big stumbling block: Some of his films are in Telugu. Just try to find them in a Hindi–speaking home video market near where I live.

Also, because of my shooting schedule (a client video recording on Monday night), it doesn't look good for Dum Maaro Dum. I am expected in New York City early this week; unfortunately, the schedule prevents me from even catching an afternoon screening. Most likely, I'll probably decide later on if I really want to see this one on a legitimately–made disc. (The reviews haven't been tremendously encouraging thus far. And before you ask: No reviews thus far in the major non–Desi papers, some of whom put their online content behind a pay wall.)

Complicating things is something else that I cannot divulge here but which could be a long–term project. No, I can't say if it will be a film, although I won't rule it out. For now, you'll have to wait and see.

Just One Story… is still very much alive and well, and I hope to have a new episode out eventually. I'm not sure at this point when we'll be able to do new episodes (or whether we will be able to return to Central Park this summer). I'll say more eventually, so do stick around.

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