March 11, 2011

House Lights: Light your candles, say a prayer

Dear Friends:

Post–production on the next Just One Story… episode(s) will be temporarily on hold due to the heartbreaking news of the 8.9–magnitude earthquake and tsunami that have devastated the east coast of Japan (including the port city of Sendai).

I have friends and acquaintances who either live in Japan or have family members there. Thus far, no one has been lost to the whims of Mother Earth.

It has been impossible to access Facebook today and not see a few posts related to the earthquake and tsunami; I've generated a few myself, asking if anyone's alright and still very much with us. (200 to 300 hundred people alone reportedly perished in Sendai.)

The BBC has set up a dedicated section of their news site for detailed reports and updates. Check it often, and in the meantime, pray/meditate/visualize for the safety of so many loved ones… maybe yours.

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