January 20, 2011

On DVD: Las 77 Páginas

Yet another trailer for your perusal: a teaser created by GH (Gradual Hate) Records (based in Valencia, Spain) for Diego Arandojo and Mauro Savarino's Las 77 Páginas (The 77 Pages), a film with a curious premise indeed.

Here's a brief summary, adapted from the product page on GH Records' website:

The Earth is in a dangerous geological process: all the continents are moving back to the original Pangaea position, the first continent that arose more than 200 billion years ago. This will [result] in the extinction of the human race. Nevertheless, there is a solution. A group called the Necessary Council presents itself before the [United Nations], claiming to have the key for the salvation of Humanity: a strange book of indeterminate age, which possesses on its pages the great secrets of History and Science. But very soon the Necessary Council will realize that the fight against Nature has its cost…

I'm actually intrigued by this one. Here's GH Records' teaser:

©2007–2011 Diego Arandojo & Mauro Savarino —Lafarium Producciones.

You can buy the Region 0 PAL DVD either directly from GH (using PayPal) or their friends at Britain's Cold Spring Records.

I'll have more to say about this one when it reaches my desk.

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