January 20, 2011

Coming Attractions?: Chai Charitra

In advance of our upcoming series of DVD reviews spotlighting the movies of Ram Gopal Varma — and because this one is impossible for your Projectionist to resist — we offer you one of many streaming parodies of the man's recent two–part opus Rakta Charitra (both now available on DVD in India from T–Series).

I have Mr. Sameer Panje at Cinemaa Online to thank for the heads–up on this pretend trailer, for which YouTube user "rahulnsm" calls Chai Charitra.

That first word should give you an idea of what you're in for:

There is also an English subtitle stream for this parody (thank you, Arun Surendran and Sharath Bulusu). Just click on both the "CC" and speech bubble icons (they should both turn red, meaning they're activated) to follow along.

It's too bad the two original films are already out on disc — I'd like Mr. Ramu to ask for and gather all the best web parodies he can find. They'd make a nice bonus feature. Certainly this one should make the {ahem} cut.

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