December 4, 2010

Manish Acharya has left the soundstage

Very sad news this morning, from Passion for Cinema:

Manish Acharya

Filmmaker Manish Acharya who shot into prominence with his very first film Loins of Punjab Presents (he even co–wrote and produced it) passed away a short while ago today (4th Dec, 2010).

Fans of Nina Paley's modern animation classic Sita Sings the Blues may recall that he provided the voice of one of the narrating shadow puppets who appeared from time to time in the movie, commenting on the Ramayana, the main source material from Ms. Paley's movie.

Please read the rest of the PFC post, get your copy of Loins of Punjab Presents (from IndiePix in the States, or Eagle Home Entertainment in India), and download or buy your copy of Sita Sings the Blues when you have a chance. Both come heartily recommended and both show so much promise of what could have been had he been allowed to make just one more.

Farewell, Mr. Acharya. I wish I had a chance to meet you. You did good.

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