November 8, 2010

One New Year's resolution, already declared

The beginning Esperanto student, or komencanto, wants to make a comeback:

Courtesy La studio Konstelacio, k.t.p.

Translation: Stop buying movies. Start making movies.

Rest assured he will. Even if it means doing Esperanto–subtitled episodes of Just One Story… for starters.

By the way, the search is still on for the Malegaon–made movies in the previous post. And yes, I still want to see the finished Malegaon ka Superman (on a legal, original disc). For those wondering why, get FilmKaravan's disc of Supermen of Malegaon and pay close attention to the way the movie got made. It's very DIY, very I–can–make–this stuff, and it's why I want to see the complete, finished product.

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