November 12, 2010

Just One Story… Episode 8: Horse and Toad

Earlier this year, I gave you a live performance of the Haitian story "Horse and Toad" featuring Joy Kelly Smith and Diane Wolkstein (as Horse and Toad, respectively). That video was cut for Mme. Wolkstein's website and was made at a benefit for Haiti back in May.

Now we have the redux, recorded especially for you Just One Story… fans:

Story ©1978, 1997 Diane Wolkstein.
Video ©2010 Diane Wolkstein/Philip David Morgan —
Promenade Digital [Mediaworks].

Creative Commons License
This work is released under a Creative Commons Attribution–Noncommercial–No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

That wraps our Haiti series for 2010. A Hans Christian Andersen story recorded back in September will be coming your way just after the U.S. Thanksgiving. Maybe just in time for Buy Nothing Day — that is, if you all can be as good as Santa (or the Three Kings) would want you to be.

Shall we all give it the ol' college try?

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