October 29, 2010

Creature Features: School of the Teaching Dead?

You know something is up when no less than four "non–fiction" features target the educational establishment in the United States.

I will review one of them, Madeline Sackler's The Lottery soon, but here's the teaser in the meantime:

©2010 The Lottery, L.L.C.

You probably have already heard of Waiting for "Superman," Davis (An Inconvenient Truth) Guggenheim's recent take on the subject — only because three big names (Viacom's Paramount Pictures, Participant Media, and Walden Media) poured their cash into the project. So far, Guggenheim's film has been a public lightning rod for pundits on the side of unionized teachers (or representatives of their unions) and united in their distrust of charter schools. (You will have to visit Paramount's site to view the theatrical trailer, which I can't embed without it launching automatically.)

But the Moving Picture Institute ("promoting freedom through film") has gotten behind two other features that unionized teachers and their supporters will dread if they are not already — namely, The Cartel (due out on DVD 1st December):

©2010 Bowdon Media.

… and one with the creepier title of The Rubber Room (Flash rules the film's website, unfortunately):

©2010 Five Boroughs Productions.

What'll be tomorrow's chiller, people? Maybe some rancid Greenpeace soldiers?

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