September 15, 2010

House Lights: Random frames in September

Just a few short items to share with you this time:

First, we did record a new Just One Story… episode to share with you in December: Diane Wolkstein telling the Hans Christian Andersen story "The Most Incredible Thing of All." This makes two HCA stories that we've captured thus far in 2010. So let's see… Buddhist stories, Hans Christian Andersen, and Haiti. Plus two original stories. We must be doing something right.

Second, because you might be asking, "So why wait until December?"… we are intentionally keeping to one episode per month because we can't record every week (personal circumstances prevent us from doing that) and we don't want to run out of material as it happened to us earlier this year. As of now, we should be able to offer you a story video each month through at least February of next year.

Third — and this one hurts — we may be forced to switch our website from Joomla to Wordpress in the coming days. The reason is that, as much as we like Joomla, we've been frustrated by the CMS's inability (in its most recent version) to support Vimeo's Universal Player embedding. (We switched to Vimeo itself because of the limits and frustrations we had with YouTube.) And, yes, we did try a plugin fix that hasn't worked for us.

The way we found out about this weakness in Joomla came when I visited an Apple Store and tried to access our website with an iPad®. The page loaded, but not the embedded videos. While you can visit the Just One Story… page and jump to our videos on Vimeo from there, I'd rather that iPads (and aPads) be able to load our videos, on our website, without issues.

We may make the switch as soon as we can find a Wordpress template comparable to the one we used with Joomla. I hope to do it late in any one evening so as to minimize disruptions on your end.

Finally, our last Central Park shoot for 2010 could be Saturday, September 25th. It is still up in the air, as we have another recording commitment later that day. After that, baring any invitations to come back to the big city for a special video day, we will likely be staying put on Long Island for the rest of Autumn and all of Winter. Unless Diane Wolkstein tempts us out for one more shoot. We love her that much.

Thank you, everyone, for standing by us.

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