August 29, 2010

House Lights: Talk is still cheap

Quoting Avatar director James Cameron (as recently interviewed by the Washington Post):

DVDs are wasteful. I think there's less plastic in a DVD than there is in a VHS. It’s a consumer product like any consumer product. I think ultimately we're going to bypass a physical medium and go directly to a download model and then it’s just bits moving in the system. And then the only impact to the environment is the power it takes to run the computers, run the devices. I think that we’re not there yet, but we’re moving that direction. Twentieth Century Fox has made a commitment to be carbon neutral by the end of 2010. Because of some of these practices that can’t be changed, the only way to do that is to buy carbon offsets. You know, which again, these are interim solutions. But at least it shows that there’s a consciousness that we have to be dealing with carbon pollution and sustainability.

Given Fox's recent "special edition" re–release of Avatar and the no–extras release of the film on home video (three different packages already on the market), any talk of being "carbon neutral" isn't exactly translating into a News Corporation–run studio "walking the talk."

Especially when ClearBits™, VODO, and the Internet Archive, among others, already lead by example.

Oh, yes: Mr. Cameron's output (a considerable glut of monetary excess and with a gigantic "footprint" of its own) is overrated. Including Avatar — itself a gigantic waste that didn't deserve to be bankrolled, dazzling visuals aside.

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