August 13, 2010

Coming Attractions: Peepli [Live]

It's been a while since we did a Coming Attractions post, but then we've been waiting for one movie to stand out in a crowded field.

The day has come, and the film is Peepli [Live]. Already it has gotten some good reviews, such as this one from Screen India.

There is an entire YouTube account full of videos from UTV (which is handling the release of the film almost everywhere but Germany and the UK) and producer Aamir Khan's company, but I'm highlighting the international trailer. (Note: this video has no opening studio logos or Central Board of Film Certification rating card. The CBFC gave the film an "A" rating — for adult audiences — due to adult humor and swearing.)

Courtesy UTV Motion Pictures and Aamir Khan Productions.
©2010 Aamir Khan Productions (Pvt.), Ltd.

See you at the movies.

UPDATE 2010.08.13: For what it's worth, the producers posted this quote, reportedly from actor Salman Khan, on Facebook (apologies for the Hindi that's peppered throughout, as well as the need to correct some of the spelling):

"Mr. Midas Touch has produced a picture. Midas touch matlab ke aamir khan. Nattha. [Peepli [Live]] has a mad–ass touch [, especially] the press [should see] the film. [When] I came out of the movie[,] [Peepli [Live]] was happening right outside and I was nattha and went nutta.I [didn't] let [Aamir] touch me after the film. Agar mujhe gold mein badal deta toh??? Last — [Everybody should] watch this film. Its comedy tragedy khulasa sansani breaking news."

Sincere reviews are welcome in our moderated Comments.

UPDATE 2010.08.14: An interview with Mr. Khan is now up on AlterNet.

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