July 11, 2010

Thanks, Google, for the post date fix!

Just when your Projectionist was about to give up and abandon (or even delete) his own blog, Google has managed to fix the post date bug on their end, meaning that the post dates on this blog have been restored!

Plus… they've added a new template tool in their Blogger Dashboard which has helped make the blog a little more attractive. (I never did like the standard issue templates save for one I used to use but which wouldn't quite serve my purposes here.)

Just one more change is coming to the blog: Now that Promenade Digital [Mediaworks], my own little net–studio is spreading its ever growing wings (stronger, always stronger), you will be seeing more PD[M]–related posts — most featuring new Just One Story… episodes, yes, but hopefully there'll be other attractions to keep you glued to your monitor. Not to mention the occasional "behind the scenes" piece to show you what's going on in the video making process.

And, of course, when there's something too good to resist on YouTube, rest assured it will eventually wind up here for your viewing pleasure.

So with all that said, I apologize for the long and needless silence. We will now return you to your normal blogging at the point where it was interrupted.

On the hope that we won't be interrupted again. ;-)

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