July 11, 2010

Horse vs. Toad — and may the best critter win

Do you like to watch a race? Wanna hear a good story about one race that will live on in the heart of humanity?

Splendid! Press the play button to bring yourself trackside for the already–classic match of "Horse and Toad," brought to you by your color commentators Diane Wolkstein and Joy Kelly Smith — themselves recorded live at a Mother's Day Benefit for Haiti (Sunday, 9 May) at New York City's Scandinavia House.

Oh, and did we mention that it's the Princess' hand in marriage to the victor?

On your mark… get set…

©2010 Diane Wolkstein / Cloudstone Productions.


Oh, and get ready for more Diane Wolkstein goodness this month!

(P.S.: "Already–classic," because the story appears in Diana's must–have collection The Magic Orange Tree and Other Haitian Folktales, which you can get at the link below.)

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