March 6, 2010

A new home for the blog?

Due to ongoing issues I seem to be having with posting on Blogger, there is the serious possibility that I will re–locate the blog — and perhaps re–focus it a little — by the end of the month. Since I now have a dedicated website for Promenade Digital [Mediaworks], it might be better having the blog there and retooling it to reflect what goes on at my new venture.

So while I work out the logistics, here's a short item from the Geethanjali video release Natya Manjari - Bharata Natyam. This actually is a complete short dance, and you might end up sufficiently intrigued to buy the full DVD for the rest. Geethanjali has one of the best line–up of Indian classical dance videos in the industry, and judging from the sample here, they really know their stuff.

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I'll try to have more to say in a few days, if not weeks.

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