January 23, 2010

A little favor to ask of you...

To cut to the chase:

That's right, folks. I now have a PayPal button. (No "what took you so long?" wisecracks, please.)

Up until now, I've never asked people for donations. The reason for the change is in three words: Promenade Digital [Mediaworks], my little hole–in–the–wall studio (and the force behind the Just One Story… series).

Promenade Digital [Mediaworks] exists by living within or beneath its means. I would like to build on what I've done thus far — and maybe even do feature–length masala movies if the spirit and imagination are up to it. The one issue is, of course, one of money. This is PD[M], not PBS, after all, and I have no corporate sugar daddies to speak of (and wouldn't want any to begin with). Your donations will make a huge difference in everything PD[M] does, whether its merely maintaining our website (kudos to our webhost Fat Cow, by the way) and this blog, or something bigger such as getting our Mac Mini repaired (and perhaps raising funds for an upgrade, hopefully to a more powerful iMac). All you do will help.

Just click on the button above to go straight to PayPal and donate whatever you feel capable of giving. As always with PayPal, your bank or card information is secure every step of the way, so give with confidence.

Thank you on behalf of my mouse–sized dream. May it become the mouse that roars.

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