December 19, 2009

Just One Story… Episode 1: Diane Wolkstein

It is done.

After numerous weeks of frustration (between warehouse and supermarket shifts and the holidays in general), your Projectionist is proud to present the first episode of his new series, Just One Story…

It has one simple aim: One storyteller. Telling one story. That simple.

Behold the pilot first episode, featuring the celebrated Diane Wolkstein telling a Taoist story that begins with the mere running off of a farmer's horse:

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Enjoy and share as per the terms of the license. Happy holidays, everyone!

[UPDATE 2009.12.25 (Christmas Day): It's no longer the "pilot," but the official first episode. The response has been so overwhelmingly positive that we will definitely do more episodes in the series in 2010 and beyond! Please write me if you're serious about getting involved. And be sure to visit my new home on the web to download the first episode as an AVI.]

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