December 27, 2009

Intermission: Mameshiba

Think a few of the last otaku crazes were odd enough? (Think 7–Eleven's mismarketing of poor little Domo, for instance.) Wait 'til you meet these "bean dogs," or Mameshiba:

Visit J–List if you're ready to adopt them as die–cut index tabs. Just don't say we didn't warn you if they start spouting trivia that would make one Alex Trebek blush.

December 19, 2009

Just One Story… Episode 1: Diane Wolkstein

It is done.

After numerous weeks of frustration (between warehouse and supermarket shifts and the holidays in general), your Projectionist is proud to present the first episode of his new series, Just One Story…

It has one simple aim: One storyteller. Telling one story. That simple.

Behold the pilot first episode, featuring the celebrated Diane Wolkstein telling a Taoist story that begins with the mere running off of a farmer's horse:

©2009 Promenade Digital [Mediaworks].
Creative Commons License
This work is released under a Creative Commons Attribution–Non Commercial–No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Enjoy and share as per the terms of the license. Happy holidays, everyone!

[UPDATE 2009.12.25 (Christmas Day): It's no longer the "pilot," but the official first episode. The response has been so overwhelmingly positive that we will definitely do more episodes in the series in 2010 and beyond! Please write me if you're serious about getting involved. And be sure to visit my new home on the web to download the first episode as an AVI.]

House Lights: Be it resolved

Yes, I know, but it deserves a response: What sorts of New Year's resolutions are you making?

Your Projectionist is summoning up the courage to make one in particular — pulling the cord on DVDs and CDs (and saying a firm and final "no" to Blu–ray) for the most obvious of reasons: they are needless in an age of files, streaming videos and torrents.

But wait! Scott Thill of AlterNet has more:

From the plastic, and therefore oil, it takes to make their cases to the reams of paper, and therefore trees and water, it takes to make their press and product packaging, CDs and DVDs are the easiest fat to axe. Which is why in the last decade CD sales have dropped precipitously, as online sales have caught up. Might as well seal the deal by never buying another disc again…

It's part of Mr. Thill's longer piece on dealing with a system that screws people without mercy. Please read it if you haven't done so already.

Getting Bollywood (one of your Projectionist's confessed addictions) to finally acknowledge this will be hard. To their credit, SCI's T–Series and RPG's Saregama have brought some of their recent soundtrack and albums to and Apple's iTunes store and allowed them to become paid downloads. It's time for the films themselves to follow suit. (Preferably without the running time being shaved.)

Of course, they could go even further and abandon celluloid altogether (it's another petroleum by–product, by the way) in favor of going 100% digital and embracing the torrent. It worked for the Finnish company Energia, which built up its digital movie making skills and made them pay off with Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning. (And why not embrace Creative Commons as well? It's working a miracle for Nina Paley.)

Not doing so would break a lot of hearts all over the world, so why not make the resolution?

Besides, if he is given the chance (and even a small network for support), your Projectionist could make a nice marsala movie this way, and show you that it can be done.

How about one big responsible action that scores one for Mother Earth?