November 23, 2009

Coming Distractions: Tea Party

All your Projectionist can say is "Oy. VEY."

Behold the teaser for Tea Party, which streets on NTSC (Region 1?) DVD this very week:

©2009 Ground Floor, L.L.C.

Uh, guys… you missed Hallowe'en by a few weeks.

November 22, 2009

Casting Call: Looking for a MP4 player

No, you read that right.

As part of a recent artistic awakening that I will reveal in January 2010, your Projectionist and would–be Moviemaker is researching MP4 media players.

No, the search will not include any members of the Apple iPod® family, although it won't surprise me if an iPod® does eventually come my way. After all, Apple rules big time in the personal media player realm… except when it comes to open source file formats. As in XviD, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis. Yes, I do take patent–free audio and video seriously. And so should Apple (what would it take to wake them up?).

In the meantime, the Projectionist will be reviewing a small handful of MP4 players sold by MP4 Nation (which has its own house brand, Nationite), House of DAP, and even Chinavasion. No stone will be left unturned in this quest.

Just to see if anyone wants to weigh in on this virtual shopping excursion, here are some demo/review videos of the players that are being considered (or not). Don't hesitate to leave your thoughts in the Comments.

First up: the Nationite S:Flo2 (also sold as the Teclast T51):

and the Nationite ONE Series OS–81:

Here's a short piece on the Teclast C410HD player, which offers H264 support:

Here's a two–parter on a SmartQ Q5 MID unit that's running on Linux (an adapted version of Ubuntu in this case) and offers WiFi as well:

Finally, out of fairness to Chinavasion, a short piece featuring an unbranded MP4/MP3 player which only lacks H264 support:

That's enough for the moment. So, which looks best to you?

November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Diane Wolkstein!

Yes, the celebrated storyteller and author is now 67.

Since he couldn't get the surviving Beatles® to come out of retirement and play "Birthday" (from what has been commonly called the White Album), your Projectionist has gathered these choice streamers to celebrate a truly wonderful soul, for whose presence he and so many others are grateful.

The PodBean widget contains the last few podcasts created from Diane's old WNYC radio series, Stories from Many Lands. They are included because most of the videos only contain excerpts from Diane's storytelling repertoire.

Enjoy it all.

Courtesy Festival Interculturel du Conte du Québec.

Courtesy Festival Interculturel du Conte du Québec.

Courtesy of Suyeon Kim and Interactive Journalism I.

Unless otherwise noted, all material ©Diane Wolkstein/Cloudstone Productions.

November 1, 2009

Nina Paley: How did she do that?

Nina Paley's Sita Sings the Blues is really getting around a lot these days (even on YouTube, using the Motorola Droid to be sold soon via Verizon), and it's also making her some serious money — something that might not have happened with a typical Hollywood–brokered deal. She explains it all to you and a Power to the Pixel audience in London (courtesy of Babelgum):

You can also read more over at and at TechDirt.