September 25, 2009

Taare Zameen Par — a new date and a new title

It is official: Taare Zameen Par — Aamir Khan's directorial debut about a eight–year–old boy with learning disabilities and a vivid imagination — will street on Walt Disney Home Entertainment (Region 1 NTSC for the States and Canada) on October 13th on January 12th, 2010 (according to

As expected, it has gotten a new English title: Like Stars on Earth. (Whether that decision sits well with Bollywood fans here in the States will be an open question.) The packaging, adapted from the original T–Series release, does show the original title in smaller type — and small–cap letters.

Also as suspected, there will be an English dub along with the original Hindi soundtrack.

What wasn't expected, however, is how much of the T–Series three–disc package will be included in Disney's Region 1 release, also to contain three discs: Mr. Khan's running commentary, the panel discussion about children with special needs, deleted scenes (with commentary explaining their deletion), a music CD (of the score, as with the T–Series box, a reprint of their song CD widely available, or&hellip?), and two postcards. (No flip–book, as in the original T–Series box?)

I will wait for this one to arrive on October 13th; is already taking pre–orders.

But the T–Series box stays in my collection. Just because. Take it in the proper spirit.

[UPDATE 2009.11.18: Just now got the new release date, which has been pushed back past Christmas as noted above. Guess the House of Mouse has too much on its plate right now.]

September 13, 2009

Auto–Tuned geese to go

Your Projectionist really needs to follow the Auto–Tune the News posse more closely, lest he miss out on their latest antics:

So, when do we get to buy some roasted geese for dinner from our local King Kullen?

September 6, 2009

Coming Attractions: South of the Border

Back in 2007, Oliver Stone was invited to meet Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, during an failed attempt to liberate Colombian hostages being held by FARC.

In 2009, he went back to interview the Venezuelan President on a deeper level. That led to interviews with other Latin American leaders — and the result is a new feature documentary, South of the Border, which has yet to get a distributor.

No doubt the Projectionist's home country's spin machine will be working full tilt against this one, which plays tomorrow at the Venice Film Festival in Italy. But you can get a taste of Mr. Stone's new movie on the Guardian website.

Sorry for not being able to embed it here, and apologies in advance for the advertisement that will play first.

September 5, 2009

Coming Attractions: American Casino

It had to happen: A documentary about the foreclosure crisis in the United States, and how bankers and investors made it happen (and made it as scary as it could get). Prepare yourself for Leslie and Andrew Cockburn's American Casino:

©2009 Leslie & Andrew Cockburn / Table Rock Films.

Get on their site and sign up for notification on when their DVD (all region, we hope?) comes out. And someone please get PBS to show this one in full.

September 4, 2009

Calling All Angels: The new Damon Packard Project

Damon Packard has a new movie in the works, tentatively listed on Fundable as the The Untitled BBC Documentary.

But this one isn't exactly about Auntie Beeb per se. Go to the Fundable page and carefully look at the description.

I am certain that the director of Tales of the Valley of the Wind and other delectable mashups will appreciate all donations towards the cause.