August 16, 2009

Is that the Big B in your lamp, Mr. Eros, or are you just glad we watched the teaser?

Your Projectionist is deeply concerned about the future of the people at Eros International (that's "eh–ROHS," folks). You see, they're now streaming the teaser for the forthcoming Aladin (one "d," not two here), being readied by the Boundscript studio.

It doesn't look promising, folks. Even if the Big B himself — the one and only Amitabh Bachchan — is there to pull in the faithful. (God Tussi Great Ho, anyone?) Maybe we'll be proven wrong this Fall, but with the way many recent fantasy flicks (not just the ones made in India, mind you) have stumbled on their way to the box office, I have a queasy feeling about this one.

I can't embed the teaser here, so you'll have to go over to either the Eros or Boundscript website to view it.

But it's depressing to think that Eros has learned nothing from their Drona fiasco. Especially when they greenlighted an Aladin sequel. Last year, to be exact.

Counting one's chickens before they even have a chance to consider the idea of hatching? Or just making a death wish?

Let's check back in October.

Boundscript is charting their progress with a blog, with which they promise "100% Wholesome Indian Films." For the sake of the careers of their staff, let's hope their intuitions are right this time.

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