August 21, 2009

Coming Attractions: Quick Gun Murugun

Your Projectionist isn't blaming this on Om Shanti Om director Farah Khan. No, he's taking this one to Shashank Ghosh, whose Quick Gun Murugun is on its way from Fox Star Studios.

Think this cowboy's got a chance at the worldwide Bollywood box office? Watch this herd of sneak peeks and decide:

All of the above courtesy Fox Star Studios/20th Century Fox Film Corporation.

Hope you haven't O.D.'ed on any of this yet. We're not talking the rebirth of El Topo here.

P.S.: Visit Passion for Cinema to read some of the director's thoughts. That, and to feast on the T–shirt he is wearing in the accompanying photo.

When will Fox put that shirt on sale? I'd love one.

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