August 12, 2009

Because we're sick of the hooligans

Your Projectionist has felt nauseous in recent days — but only when he hears even a few seconds of Conservative/neo–con hooligans at health care reform town hall gatherings as captured by National Public Radio's microphones. (Or by anyone else's microphones, or cameras for that matter.)

So he has been heartened to learn of a new interfaith coalition declaring a period of "40 Days for Health Care Reform." From Faith in Public Life:

Starting today [10 August], a new national television ad featuring local evangelical, Catholic, and mainline pastors and people of faith — real folks testifying to the urgent need to repair our broken system — will begin airing on cable [TV]…

Here's the advert. Embed and share it however you can:

We've now got less than forty days left. Let's get moving, people.

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