July 7, 2009

How much lower can they go?

Had enough toys as TV and movie stars?

Apparently, Hollywood doesn't want to hear your complaints — or the protestations of your maddened Projectionist.

Case in point: the proposed ViewMaster movie, now the subject of talks between Viacom's DreamWorks and current ViewMaster owner Mattel. (Remember when the reel–programmed toy was a GAF property? I still do.)

This is happening a short while before a (ugh) G.I. Joe movie hits screens in the States.

Don't mind your Projectionist; he's just waiting for UTV Pictures to drop Vishal Bhardwaj's Kaminey into the multiplexes on August 14th. (Try visiting the main UTV Motion Pictures website if the special site taxes your computer's processor too much.)

Meanwhile… has anyone YouTubed Mr. Eric Fensler's PSA's? Or gone for a body massage?

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