July 11, 2009

The disc vs. the file

Your Projectionist is preparing to contact the Universala Esperanto–Asocio next week. It isn't about the upcoming Universla Kongreso, which will be happening in Poland this year.

It's about a defective DVD–R of their video Vizito al la Centra Oficejo — a video tour of the UEA's headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. After about two minutes into the feature, both of my computer's DVD-ROM drives couldn't proceed any further with the disc. So I will need to get it replaced as soon as someone is back from the Kongreso.

Have some of your recent DVD purchases been on burnt DVD–Rs? How many of them have you had to get replaced, or just simply trashed out of frustration?

And if the above has happened far too often for you, have you given up on discs altogether and gone entirely to digital downloads?

I'd appreciate hearing from you in the comments...

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