July 27, 2009

And you thought you were alone...

…in wondering why Warner Bros. was rubbing their latest Dark Castle movie Orphan in our faces online.

You weren't the only one annoyed. So was Bethann Buddenbaum, but for deeper reasons than annoying Flash–powered adverts online. Take a long look at what upsets her the most about Warners' latest scare flick.

H/T to Xiaoning Wang of ChinaSprout.

[UPDATE 2009.08.10: Warners' aggressive push of Orphan appears to finally be over. For a while it was practically impossible to access PopMatters — and especially the "Short Ends and Leader" blog — without being sneak attacked/assaulted by Flash–powered advertising for the flick. All Warners did was make me close the browser tab in which the blog was loaded. I hope both PopMatters and Warners got (and still get) blowback from regular readers who are pissed off by this kind of pre–emptive marketing. And, yes, you can stress the words "pissed off."]

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