May 5, 2009

Going their own way

The Bollywood producers vs. national multiplex theatres' tug–of–war is dragging on. And sadly, this quote from UTV Motion Pictures CEO Siddharth Roy Kapur (as quoted by Screen) is an all–too–telling sign of the state of the coming attractions — and where they'll (not) be coming to:

Since there is no resolution on the national chain of multiplex issue, UTV will proceed to start releasing its big and small movies in single theatres and non-national multiplex chain nationwide from July onwards. Dates of release would be announced shortly.

What happened, unfortunately, is that each side stood firmly to their own arguments in talks held on Tuesday. Then the reps for INOX, PVR, walked out.

And each insists that their argument is the only correct one.

So far, this needless dispute has cost the industry some Rs.200 crore.

How this will affect fans on this side of the Atlantic (or the Pacific) is unclear.

But stocking up on DVDs (and the few Blu–Ray titles available) may be the one best option right now.

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