May 17, 2009

Coming Attractions: Tales of the Valley of the Wind

Word up: The man who changed your perspective on paranoia (Reflections of Evil), deconstructed George Lucas' most oversold movie franchise (The Untitled Star Wars Mockumentary), and found unlikely connections between 1970's nostalgia and George Orwell (Space Disco One) is back.

This time, Damon Packard goes widescreen and channels Japan's Hayao Miyazaki, with help from a cast that includes Hisao Shinagawa(!!).

Behold Mr. Packard's current trailer for Tales of the Valley of the Wind:

2009 Damon Packard.

Your Projectionist is a fan of Mr. Packard — so much so that he actually helped fund this latest feature. It's still in post as far as I know; more will be posted here when a release date is set.

(Those who have been trying to find Shinagawa-san's albums should look over here.)

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