April 14, 2009

Uh, you don't really have to go that far, Mr. Khan

Sorry, folks, but the ongoing dispute between Bollywood movie producers and multiplex theatre chains in India is still going on, and so it still has my spare attention (in between news items about what brought on the recent wave of Somalian pirates and last week's dramatic headlines, among other things).

Today, your Projectionist checked Screen India's website and found this, as per Hungama:

In demonstration of solidarity for the producers who are united in their battle with the multiplexes, Aamir Khan has now gone a step ahead. He has even offered to clean toilets in single screen theaters and make them hygienic enough for audiences to come in.

This drastic step comes in the light of current situation in the industry where producers may well abandon multiplexes and release their films only in single screen properties if the stand off with multiplexes persists.

Last week, he and fellow celluloid thespian Shah Rukh Khan joined forces and urged for "clarity on the 50:50 revenue sharing issue" (as reported elsewhere by Screen).

Thankfully, the toilet comment isn't part of his latest blog entry (accessible via his own website), but his position on the matter is quite consistent with everything else that's been reported.

Of course, the single–screen cinemas in India could take a cue from Mr. Khan's reported remarks, and hire a proper crew to make sure their toilets — or better yet, every spot of their business — is properly sanitized and spotless, so that Mr. Khan and his fellow thespians can get on with what they do best.

Now, can we please end this standoff, so I can blog about what I've seen on DVD recently?

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