April 26, 2009

House Lights: Less frequent, but still here

Fans of this blog, please note: My postings will be a little less frequent for a while because I recently started a new job (not a glamorous one, mind you, but it's work nevertheless). Between that and my supermarket shift, I'll have less time to post, and it'll have to be when I can find time.

So I hope this past weekend's little burst can tie you over for part of the week. Don't worry, I'll still be on the hunt for news of Bollywood worth sharing (the dispute between producers and multiplex owners in India is still very much on my mind) as well as any political videos and (as you'll note below) any animal nuttiness that's too good to resist.

I expect a little bit more turbulence in 2009, and will be grateful to come out of the other side by year's end.

Thank you, everyone, for bearing with me.

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