February 17, 2009

Coming Attractions: Iron Sky

Yes, there is Life Beyond Hollywood, as regular visitors to this blog know all too well. Your Friendly Neighbo(u)rhood Projectionist sees to it on a regular basis.

Today, he stumbled on this teaser for the forthcoming cult sci–fi feature Iron Sky from Finland's ultra–geekish Energia Productions, well known for their Star Wreck franchise as well as for their TV advertising.

But enough chit–chat… behold producers Tero Kaukomaa, Petri Jokiranta, and Samuli Torssonen and director Timo Vuorensola's vision of 2018:

©2008 Tuotantoyhtiö Energia Oy, et.al.

Will NBC–Universal's Sci–Fi Channel Syfy be ready for this one?

[UPDATE 2009.03.16: NBC–Universal is re–branding their murky grindhouse–ish channel according to the New York Times. A grindhouse channel by any other name…]

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