January 30, 2009

Coming Attractions: Arnoldwhat?

Your Projectionist has been in the midst of a major website makeover project that is nearing "completion" (HA!), but he is coming up for air because this item was too good to resist.

How much is your state or country down the financial toilet? California's finances are crying out for serious healing — action movie idol turned Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called it "Armageddon," but refused to play fair with the Democrats in his adopted state on a budget. In California's state legislature, you see, you need a two–third's "super–majority" to pass a budget.

Guess who's mucking up the works.

They wear the shadow of an elephant.

Getting down to brass tacks, Californians are more likely to get "IOU" (I owe you) notices instead of tax refunds, financial aid, or the like.

Well, in the midst of this crisis, the Courage Campaign folks have an idea:

©2009 Courage Campaign.

New York City, please copy.

January 19, 2009

A dream we can share, now

Welcome to January 19th. Let us celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. together.

WorkshopNYC came up with just the right piece for this day, and the right words to go with it:

Walking in New York City on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2008, we asked friends and strangers to participate in a project to provoke thought about the words of this famous speech. On its 45th anniversary, Dr. King's message of hope rings as relevant today as it did in 1963.

Let everybody stand:

2009 WorkshopNYC.

And let the congregation say: Amen.

January 16, 2009

One brief thought

You sense Canadian moviemakers will be in trouble when…

…the U.S. discount chain Big Lots is selling MGM's Region 1 DVD of the celebrated director Guy Maddin's 2004 feature The Saddest Music in the World for USD 3.00 each.

This is "rock bottom" now, right?

January 9, 2009

Now here's a workaround

If, like your faithful Projectionist, you are sickened by seeing (and hearing) a one–sided version of the horrific events in Gaza, and you want viable options… you've got it.

It's called Livestation, and it's free for Linux, Mac, and Windows users to download and use. Finally, access to AlJazeera, BBC World News, Euronews, Deutsche Welle, RFI, France 24, Russia Today… real choices.

Go get it.

January 8, 2009

You want WHAT?!!

First the banks. Then Detroit's three big car makers. Now guess who wants Feddie money.

Quoth Danny Shea at The Huffington Post:

An article in next month's Atlantic asks, "Is porn recession proof?" According to porn magnate Larry Flynt and "Girls Gone Wild" king Joe Francis, the answer is no.

TMZ reports that the pornographer pair is heading to Washington to ask for a [USD] $5 billion porn bailout…

How sickening.

A tiny fraction of that money would be better spent helping the one and only Damon Packard get through these hard times and complete his latest movie.

Seriously. Say no to Larry Flint, say yes to Damon Packard. Trust me.

You can run (with it), but you can't hide (it forever)

The feisty folks at the American News Project explain one piece of the financial meltdown story that isn't quite making the evening news.

In three words: offshore tax havens.

Class, pay attention:

©2009 American News Project.

Just one more item on Congress' "to investigate and prosecute" list.

Reinventing the wheel, eh?

Apologies for being late with this one… the Onion News Network gets the scoop on one Apple product I hope never to touch:

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop with No Keyboard

©2009 Onion News Network.

Joke, son, joke…

Meanwhile, staying with the theme of evolving tech, both BoingBoing and Bob Cesca found this slick, amusing advert for Saturn, a home electronics chain store in Germany (similar to Best Buy in the States):

© 2009.

Just don't let the "intelligent design" (read: creationism) cult see it.

January 7, 2009

Bombs, lies evasions, and videotape

Ever since the recent conflict between the Israeli government (and their military) and the Hamas organization in Gaza, I've come to realize that practically all the reports that have made it to U.S. radio and television outlets have favored the Israeli government's point–of–view. Unless you were to listen to Pacifica Radio (Democracy Now! e.g.) or read progressive news and opinion sites (AlterNet, Common Dreams, and BuzzFlash immediately come to mind), how else would you view the current horror?

But even the BBC's Paul Reynolds is questioning the way Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has handled the official line:

Israel released video of an air attack on 28 December, which appeared to show rockets being loaded onto a lorry. The truck and those close to it were then destroyed by a missile....A special unit it has set up to coordinate its informational plan put the video onto YouTube as part of its effort to use modern means of communications to get Israel's case across.

There's one problem with that viral video, though:

…a 55–year–old Gaza resident named Ahmed Sanur, or Samur, claimed that the truck was his and that he and members of his family and his workers were moving oxygen cylinders from his workshop....Mr Sanur said that eight people, one of them his son, had been killed. He subsequently told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz: "These were not Hamas, they were our children... They were not Grad missiles."


(More about this faux pas awaits you over at B'Tselem.)

The Israeli forces were still defending the video at the time of Mr. Reynolds' report, now amended with personal comments. Plus a streaming capture of the suspect video. All of which go to show, as Mr. Reynolds wrote, "how an apparently definitive piece of video can turn into something much more doubtful."

Go to the BBC's site and read the whole piece, please. Also take special note of how much trouble the Israeli powers that be are going through to keep foreign journalists from reporting anything other than "the official story."

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera Television has questioned the Israeli forces' need to blast hell out of — of all places — a school operated in Gaza by the United Nations.

This is why you need actual journalists working in troubled places:

©2008 Al Jazeera.

H/T to the Center for Media and Democracy.