December 27, 2008

This farmer walks up to a movie camera, and...

…he plays an effective role in this Satan MacNuggit–made gem, released back in late September and aimed straight at conservative Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper — the very man who would later survive his country's national election and retain power.

The reason for this video? Harper's summertime move to make sharp and severe cuts to the funding of cultural endeavours in his own country.

Sadly, Canadians will still have to put up with him for a while longer.

Meanwhile… what if Canadian farmers were in fact artists? Watch and see:

This is part of the Gone in 30 Seconds campaign, and there's more on YouTube if you wander around.

Be sure also to read celebrated Canadian author Margaret Atwood's own response to Harper's anti–culture stance on the Globe & Mail's website.

And sing praises to the farmer.

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