December 27, 2008

No, Minister

From the CBC News website:

Britain's culture minister says websites should be rated the way films are to protect children from offensive material.

Andy Burnham says his government has plans to discuss the idea of international rules for English-language websites with the administration of U.S. President–elect Barack Obama…

The minister, who called the [Internet] a "dangerous place," said age–appropriate ratings may be the way to go…

Burnham also suggested the internet follow television's example, which often doesn't broadcast violent material prior to 9 p.m. There should also be a set time in which sites such as YouTube or Facebook would have to remove offensive or harmful content, he said.

Uh–uh, Mr. Minister. The Internet is not television. The Internet is not the cinema. The Internet is not your place. It is that simple. Bugger off.

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