December 19, 2008

House Lights: Your holiday wish list?

Many apologies from your Projectionist for the long silence — not because of another video in the works (although that will change in 2009), but in part because of holiday depression, the difficulty in finding a new (preferably full–time) day job, and a website makeover that is still in progress (but which should be done sometime this weekend if all goes well).

In the meantime, lacking something good to share right now, just a few questions to roll around:

Is there one movie this holiday season you're wanting to see?

My choice would be Slumdog Millionaire, the latest from Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Millions, 28 Days Later…, and last year's Sunshine). It is up for four Golden Globe Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director (Mr. Boyle), Best Original Score (go, go, A. R. Rahman!), and Best Screenplay.

On top of that, it's appealing to my fondness for marsala movies in a big way.

There's a glowing review over at PopMatters, and you can read more about the movie over at the Fox Searchlight website.

I'm hoping to see it before the end of this calendar year.

Another question: How are you planning to watch video in the New Year? Are you breaking down and buying high definition gear (a BluRay player, a 16 x 9 widescreen HD television e.g.)? Or, like me, are you bookmarking sites with streaming video, bookmarking video capturing sites such as KeepVid, and looking for deals on USB sticks?

One more question: Do you plan to buy more movies (on disc or digital downloads)? Or, like me, would you prefer to make movies instead?

I confess to one video on my wish list: a Criterion Eclipse box set with two movies by the late Russian director Larisa Sheptiko — those films being Wings (Mosfilm, 1966) and The Ascent (also Mosfilm, 1977). I would like to see these two black and white features and muse about what sorts of films she might had added to her credits before an auto accident claimed her life at the age of 40.

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