December 26, 2008

House Lights: Where shall we go from here?

No video today, but some questions worth asking:

How are you faring these days? How (bad) are your finances now?

Your Projectionist, saddened not just by his own (mis–)behavior with credit cards but also with being without a full–time job for three months now, is looking more carefully at what he can do to make matters better for himself. He will be spending far less time inside a Barnes & Noble (if at all) and far more inside the local library (even though he grovels about the skimpy foreign film offerings). He is rediscovering the Internet Archive and the mashup scene (dj BC and Fortyone are two of the best examples of this scene, but don't hesitate to wander around). And, apart from the Esperanto scene, which is global by nature (with most of the action outside of North America at the moment), he is keeping his spare entertainment money far closer to home. Maybe even at home, if possible.

And in the realm of movie production (never mind if his "films" aren't fashioned on celluloid but rather as digital files), short and sweet is the way to go.

How about you? What are you resolutions, even if you don't call them that?

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