December 31, 2008

House Lights: A smaller screening pile

I've decided that one of my resolutions for 2009 will be to buy fewer films on disc — be they DVD(–R), (S–)VCD, or (oh yeah, right) Blu–Ray. This isn't just because of the economic malaise (although that is part of it) — it's just that I'm growing weary of overpackaged, overpriced movies on disc.

Especially in the Age of the File (AVI/Divx/Xvid, Matroska, and Ogg Theora).

That said, I am saving up for some DVDs I'll probably buy sometime in 2009. But it'll be a small pile, restricted to directors whose work I want to see.

Peter Watkins tops the list, with Privilege now legally available on Region 1 disc from Project X Distribution and New Yorker Films.

Michael Atkinson has written a must–read item on the disc over at Moving Image Source. will have it ready for you — but be sure to make room for the BBC–bankrolled Culloden and The War Game disc, not to mention The Gladiators, Punishment Park, and Edvard Munch.

The other Watkins title missing from my collection is The Freethinker, which also dropped on disc in 2008 (a double disc set, actually). Since students were actually involved in the making of this one (see Mr. Watkins' site for more), I will be especially interested in seeing it.

Also on my must–see list in 2009:

Criterion's upcoming four–disc set of films by Hiroshi Shimizu, who focused on the lives of ordinary people…

the Canadian "low–fi sci–fi" feature Infest Wisely

©2007 No Media Kings / Filmquake.

…practically everything Satan MacNuggit, including Grilled Cheese Sandwich

©2007(?) Jonathan Culp / Satan MacNuggit.

…the next Damon Packard feature…

…what I can afford from the Long Island Oddities catalogue (which our local library should be buying from, anyway)…

…and my own work as it comes out of the camera and goes through iMovie and Kino.

Oh, yes: And I would still like to look at Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire, even if it means waiting for the disc.

That will do.

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