December 5, 2008

Feature Presentation: Dankon! (The Real Thing) (take 2)

It's happened. The Projectionist has become a Moviemaker. Using Esperanto (for the intertitles and supertitles this first time). And speaking his mind.

The end result is Dankon! por trinki Koka–Ŝuldon (The real thing), made partially in the chaotic zone known to all as New York City's Times Square — and completely in response to a Congress with little moral compass and even less backbone when it came to what the financial industry craved the most. Against our better interests, at that.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich said his piece back in late September, and now the Projectionist (who also runs the net studio Konstelacio) has added his two cents. And three minutes to go with it.

Behold the results, recently fixed to correct some of the supertitles in the final section:

2008 Philip David Morgan / La studio Konstelacio, k.t.p.

Mi nur komencas, karaj geamikoj. Dear friends, I am only just beginning.

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Fajro said...

Bonegan filmeton!