December 2, 2008

Everyone's gotta have a fetish hobby

From the "you just have to believe this" department comes this little latest craze from Japanese toy and anime pusher Bandai (the Emotion and Honneamise people).

No translation needed here. Just push play and see if you can believe this one:

©2008 Bandai Co., Ltd.

For those who absolutely must have this one, it's being pushed over at J–list (link aims at their non–adult server).

I think I'll stick with Bandai and Kadokawa's excellent DVD release of The Girl Who Leapt through Time, thank you very much. (And that one's a great anime, by the way.)

But I do how many of these baka clocks will move Stateside for the wrong reasons (into the hands of white supremacists, for example)…

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