December 7, 2008

Coming Attractions(?): Neko Ramen Taisho

This one's for Marie–Lynn Hammond, who's not only a great musician and writer (she's the author of the plays Beautiful Deeds and White Weddings), but also a cat and horse lover.

We can at least satisfy the cat lover in her with the trailer for the very off–the–wall Japanese moviemaker Minoru Kawasaki's Neko Ramen Taisho (Cat Noodle Chef).

Alright, the late Juzo Itami's Tanpopo this isn't. But the Disney folks had better rein in their animatronic and CGI–toon mutts. This cat will Eat. Their. Yakisoba.

Just watch:

© Minoru Kawasaki/Tornado Film.

Fox can keep its overhyped The Day the Earth Stood Still rehash. I want to see this one.

At least three of Kawasaki–sama's other films — Executive Koala, The World Sinks Except Japan, and The Rug Cop — are out via Synapse Films. And the whacked–out The Calimari Wrestler is out in the States via Pathfinder Entertainment. You'll find trailers for those — and the others we hope come out on Region 1 DVD next — over at PopMatters.

I'd love to make movies as looney as these. Here's hoping it'll happen one day.

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