November 1, 2008

Music Time: Alexei Jendayi and friends

Racism and the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election are very much on the mind of Alexei Jendayi (also known as Poor Russian Boy) — here joined with his musical partner Kom Plex as Fly Gypsy, with guests Nigerian tunesmith Kuku and Baba Ras–D on "The Ruler":

©2008 Alexei Jendayi

It's from Mr. Jendayi's e–release, November 4 EP, yours to buy now on his website via PayPal.

Go get it.

1 comment:

Alexei said...

Many thanks on posting the video!
I think it's both the racism and triumph over racism in a way (though clearly incomplete) that's on my mind. And even bigger than that - struggle of all people that have been at the bottom of the existing power structure. Could it be a new paradigm? Starting with Lula in Brazil, Morales in Bolivia, and now, fingers crossed, Barack in the U.S.?

Much love!